Some examples

As a sponsor you can contribute through several ways. Here are some examples:

  • Bergen kaffebrenneri (Bergen coffee roasting company) co/ Kaje (Carl Eugen Johannesen) roasts the coffee that we bring from the neighborhood in Nyenga, for free. This is done in his “Rolls Royce” roaster imported from Italy. This makes exquisite coffee, which can be sold at markets, masses and to faithful customers.
  • Marine Construction gave a considerable amount to the Nyenga organization for Christmas.
  • Essentia is a consultant bureau working with food safety, amongst others. They financed one of the residential houses, a storage building and the outdoor toilet we were required to build for the children’s home.
  • Bolaks has participated in financing a three year education for one of the employed girls from Nsumba children’s home. She is now responsible for the fish farming at Nyenga.
  • Rolland elementary school in Bergen has Nyenga as their yearly humanitarian aid project.

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