Nyenga Shop

Give a gift with meaning!

Due to Covid restrictions in Bergen, we have digitalised our annual Christmas market by setting up “Nyenga Shop” on our home page. Go through the product images below and follow the instructions, order via shop@nyenga.org and decide whether you pick up your purchases on 5 or 6 December, have them delivered or send by post. Some products might run out of stock but will inform you if this would be the case. Make sure to leave your phone number and address so we can follow up on your order, in order we require further clarification.

By purchasing our products, you support our work at Nyenga and contribute to promoting sustainable growth by strengthening individuals, families and local communities in the broader Nyenga area. The foundation’s work is based on voluntary efforts, where the support reaches those who need it. Everyone can contribute – big or small.

This is how it works:

  • Look through the images, note the nr at the corresponding product, and if applicable colour or placement if there are multiple products on the image. 
  • Order what you like by sending an email to: shop@nyenga.org
  • Indicate your phone nr, so we can reach you for further clarification. We only take orders via email, not facebook or phone) 

Indicate if:

  • You want to pick up your products and pay at the neighbouring house near VilVite Centre (Clearly marked) on Saturday 5 or sonday 6 December. between klokken 11-16.
  • Or get the products delivered at your home in Bergen Kommune for kr. 75. Potentially combined with the purchase and delivery of a christmas tree. bought and paid for at Kaffebrenneriet. (Juletre med mening). Please provide your delivery address. 
  • Or send by mail at own cost, and ceramics at own risk. Please provide your delivery address. 

Payment types: 

  • Card
  • Cash when picking up
  • Bank : 8580.12.18089.


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