Corona has found its way to Uganda

We have long feared it, now it is confirmed. The number of infected in Uganda is small, the question is how these numbers will develop in the times ahead. The authorities have implemented comprehensive measures early on.

Friday 20.03. – before anyone was officially confirmed infected, all schools and universities were closed for a month. The following week, all public transport was subject to strict restrictions, for two weeks: no buses, taxis or boda-boda (motorcycle taxi). The country has stopped. Private cars are allowed, but with a maximum of 3 people in each car.
Private car is a privilege for the few, as is TV. In Uganda however, the radio is an important medium to spread information and music is played around the clock. Singer, opposition politician and member of parliament, Bobbi Wine, spreads important information in his own way and probably reaches out to many.

At Nyenga the activity levels are at a low level. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. May all the measures in place be for the good of a country that has more than enough challenges already!