Fourth graduation class at our school

It was very gratifying to receive the results from the National Exam for our 14 graduates in P7 (Primary 7). This is the first national exam in primary school. This exam gives students the opportunity to move on to Secondary school. One of the girls was just two points from getting in Group 1 (best group). She and her family have also been working on digging in the field to raise school fees. A resounding HURRAY for her and the opportunity she got to go to school!

This was the fourth graduation class at our school. All students at New Horizon Primary School have passed. A brilliant result! The teachers at the school are also excited that there were recorded better results in mathematics and science than before! Another HURRAY!

This shows that the work to improve the teaching style and provide additional training to the teachers, gives results. This is a great motivation for both teachers and all of us.