Dentist student visit to Nyenga

Hannah, a Norwegian Ugandan girl, is studying to be a dentist in Bergen, and she has long been an active Nyenga friend. In July she was in Uganda and was also given time for a visit to Nyenga. We made us of the opportunity and asked if she could look at dental health there. During her stay she uncovered a great need for a better understanding of basic dental hygiene, and she established a lot can be done better using simple means. Thank you very much for your visit, Hannah! Here is her report and photos from the visit;

“I would like to thank you for granting me the opportunity to spend time with the children and staff of Nyenga foundation. The experience was beyond my expectations. My interactions with the children was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly loved the beautiful dance and song performances which made me very happy and comfortable. I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. In short, I felt like I was home.”

“My main purpose of the visit was to carry out dental prophylaxis. I was positively overwhelmed by the turn up that we had, not just from the Nyenga foundation and staff but also from the people in the neighbouring villages. It was unfortunate that we had planned to do this in just one day since I had to travel back to Norway. I did simple dental check-ups and also had a session with children where we discussed about the importance of keeping good oral hygiene in addition to the different ways one can take care of their teeth with the available resources. I do understand that because of time, there are a few important areas that we didn’t fully exhaust but I promised to come back and continue from where we stopped, this time better equipped with a few more instruments and an extra hand or two from a few of my colleagues.”

Thanks again for the hospitality. I look forward to visiting again soon, if given the opportunity.