Operation mathematics

Compassion to improve the basic math skills

Our primary school, New Horizon, does not yet approved for taking exams at the school. This means that each November, our 7th grade students travel to a school in Nyenga village to take their exam. Also this year, everyone passed successfully, which is not something we can take for granted. Every year there are many students from very many schools who, due to inadequate teaching, do not pass the exam and thus lack proof of 7 years of schooling. The three best candidates were from New Horizon, – imagine how proud we are!

But we cannot rest on the laurels. We saw that our candidates were generally weak in mathematics. In February, we conducted a survey of mathematical skills with all our students. The test showed that upgrading of basic skills was necessary at all levels. It resulted in a daily 40 minutes of training for everyone, with all the teachers involved. We talk about numerical and quantitative understanding, +/-, multiplication and division. The results will give an indication of how long the training period will last.

Everyone in the first grade has got his or her workbook in mathematics where numbers and amount understanding are taught in a different and more basic way than is usual. One of the authors behind the book is our former board member Bikko Langlo, who, together with friends, has donated the teaching materials. Book No. 2 is waiting for the students. Thanks a lot to Bikko. Thanks also to Inger Lien Røe who has implemented the use of the textbooks. Inger has made a great effort, especially with helping teachers use new knowledge and tools to improve math skills. She’ll be back!