A new building takes form

The new main hall is about to take shape in the extension of the school.

As part of the new hall construction, a new main kitchen will be built. The existing kitchen will be converted into housing for staff. We are currently investigating the possibilities for biogas in addition to, or instead of wood burning in the new kitchen. Firewood is an expensive and limited resource.

The Main hall will have a dining room and a common area for the school. The roof will protect from sun and rain, and it will have a stage with all the possibilities that offers. The village will be able to use the premises, and it can be rented out and thus become a source of income. We will also get a nice venue for arranging meetings and, in the long run, perhaps conferences. All the options are inspiring! Who wants to attend the opening party in the late summer?

A great thanks to the Balder Foundation for their significant financial contribution to the Main hall. We also thank Ranveig Landrø, the architect behind all the buildings – apart from one house that was already there – which will be 15 in total.