Help us collecting computers & electronic equipment for Uganda

Nyenga – center for development in Uganda

Key to development is knowledge

In cooperation with Rav AS, we are establishing a data center at the school in Nyenga for women and men to receive training in the use of information technology and access to PC, mobile and tablet. Lack of computers is the first hurdle at Nyenga to access digital information. Therefore, your old PC, mobile or tablet is very valuable in the new data center.







You can contribute

You can help by donating your old PC, mobile or tablet. We fetch / organise pickup in Bergen and Oslo. Professional data removal is guaranteed!

Contact in Bergen:
Matthijs van Meurs – Nyenga Foundation

Contact in Oslo:
Frida Elise Pettersen – RAV




Thank you for participating and contributing to new skills and more knowledge that can create opportunities for better living conditions!

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