Many visitors, busy happy days and a lot of learning

Since the New Year there has been a lot of visitors to Nyenga. Four enthusiastic youth Peter, Samuel, Juliet og William have begun their education in the youth program at Nyenga. Since January, they have worked closely with four Norwegian youths and have learned from each other through discussions and practical work. Ugandans are born with a hoe in hand and us – besides skis on our feet – a paint brush in our hands. It was a little difficult to swap paints brushes and hoes in the beginning, but with some training and guidance, a lot of land was prepared for planting and many houses are freshly painted and beautiful.

To increase crops, we participate in the One Acre funds, a project where farmers get information and training in good cultivation methods for maize. There is systematic work on planting, fertilization and spraying. We are awaiting the result in a few months.

We have had a visit of good supporters from Bergen, the parents of some of the Norwegian youths and during Easter came employees from one of our faithful sponsors RAV AS. They helped with various work, including putting up shelves in the new warehouse and setting up a kids swing. The kids were very excited because of all the visitors and took the guests on tours in the surroundings and provided them with a lot of new knowledge about rural life in Uganda. Many thanks to everyone.

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