Proud chef apprentices

The Nyenga Foundation thinks that good results come through good cooperation!

During the summer, we lived up to this thought. Father Godfrey at the catholic church in Nyenga is one of the area’s best chefs. He also likes to share of his skills. Nyenga was in possession of suitable kitchen facilities and able to take responsibility for the economic and practical aspects of arranging a course. The result was a 3 months cooking course!

Integrated in the course was also topics that are relevant for young adults entering the working life: budgeting and accounting, planning of personal economy and family planning. The participants were 8 young women from the local area. At the end of the course they all received a diploma.

The purpose has been to give the participants expertise that can increase their chance of being employed or able to sell their own products. One of the participants was also our own Sara. She will have more use of a vocational education compared to a theoretical education. We wish the new chef apprentices the best of luck and hope they will benefit from their new skills. The food they prepared during the course was delicious!