Fundraising at Sædalen elementary school

During week 14, in the beginning of April, the pupils at Sædalen elementary school arranged a fundraiser to benefit Nyenga.

Prior to the fundraiser, the pupils in 3rd grade made posters that were hung up around school. This served as a good reminder for everybody at school and to those who came to visit.


Members of the Nyenga foundation board, Anne-Mette and Bikko, visited the school Monday April 3rd. This marked the start of the fundraising-week. They brought the latest news from the children’s home and the school. They informed the pupils that the money collected during the week would, through teacher’s salary and in training of the teachers, benefit New Horizon Primary School. This helps New Horizon in being a good school for both the children from the children’s home and the surrounding villages.

During the week of the fundraiser the pupils at Sædalen didn’t receive homework. Instead they were to do work to bring income to Nyenga. The pupils were diligent and used their imagination well in finding work. They did housework, babysat younger siblings, sold cakes and lemonade at the grocery store and sports fields, and recycled bottles, just to mention some.

We managed to raise 57 703 NOK during the 2017 fundraiser. A great contribution!

Thanks a lot to everyone who worked and raised money for Nyenga.


Kind regards from the pupils and teachers at Sædalen elementary school