Health camp

Nyenga’s health center arranged a health camp in March. Close to 400 patients attended the two-day camp.


The objectives of the health camp was to make the health care services more accessible to community members, but also to promote the health center and its services to the surrounding communities. In order to increase the attendance, mobilization was done prior to the camp. Meetings were held in the neighboring villages, posters hung up in different communities and announcements made at trading centers.


Patients who showed up at the health center were registered and clerked. If necessary, treatment was initiated. The lab was well staffed for the cases where lab investigations were indicated. HIV testing and counseling was offered, as well as family planning.


The health center collaborated with the hospitals in Jinja and Nyenga during the two days. Two clinicians and three laboratory personnel from the hospital in Jinja attended the camp. The Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) clinic at Nyenga hospital provided testing kits for HIV and ART treatment.


The immediate responses after the health camp were positive! Hopefully this has encouraged community members, both near and far, to utilize the health center when necessary in the future.