Ruth’s winter visit

Nyenga Children’s Home’s general manager, Ruth Ziraba, visited Norway in January. Here she tells about her experience:


“I always look forward to my trips to Norway and this time it was a purely new experience. I thought I was well prepared with information about winter, but my image of it was nothing compared to what I experienced when I got there. I was lucky to have very kind guardians who provided me with everything I required to manage suitably in the cold. It was my first encounter with snow during my 42 years of life. I liked it! I made a snowman and on my last day I went out to slide. My disappointment was the vegetation that I had once seen blooming with flowers and fresh green leaves in summer. This time most of the trees were in deep sleep as if dead.


However back to the purpose of my trip, I felt satisfied with the concrete discussions with the Board and partners. I took one more step in exposure to the Norwegian culture and way of working.

In resource mobilization and stewardship I will never forget the challenge of two young girls in Stavanger. They had collected money from their school and handed it to me for Nyenga use. It’s amazing.


                                                                                                                        – Ruth Ziraba”