First class finishing New Horizon Primary School

New Horizon Primary School’s first P7-class finished in December 2016 with good grades. Ugandan pupils have their first national exam The primary leaving examinations (PLE) when finishing P7. This consists of 4 separate exams in the subjects of English, mathematics, science and social studies. Each of the exams are graded from A to F.

The grades are added together, categorizing the pupils in divisions from 1 to 4. Division 1 is the best.

All our pupils handed in assignments receiving Pass with Credit – grade B. Ten of our pupils were graded to division 2, only 2 pupils to division 3.

This is good news considering that we have been focusing on our teachers’ knowledge and teaching methods. The Varkey Foundation has during the previous school year held seminars and counseled our teachers. (You can read more on this here: Collaborating with the Varkey Foundation )

The staff at the school have attended all the courses and received guidance during practical work. They express that they have benefitted from the coursing and counseling, both from the Varkey Foundation and Norwegian teachers. The pupils appreciate the new teaching methods. They are more active in class and show signs of thriving.

This is consistent with the school’s intention from the very beginning. We have wished to strengthen the pupils’ motivation and satisfaction while focusing on alternative methods of teaching rather than the traditional.

Other factors that have given the teachers and pupils good working conditions are small classes, a learning center with teaching aids and well-equipped classrooms.

Now we are hoping that the positive progress at New Horizon Primary School in Nyenga will continue in 2017.