Evaluating our work

After operating in Nyenga for seven years it is time to evaluate the work that we have done. At the same time we are also interested in gaining insight in the local population’s challenges, needs and wishes for the years to come. Hopefully this will help us when planning our future course.

Hanna Nykvist is helping us in the work of evaluating our activities. She has worked together with our local team to examine the impact of our activities in the community and what we can do to improve. We have also been interested in identifying other nearby activities that potentially overlap ours, which can possibly be future collaborators. We now have 290 questionnaires to analyze.

village-meetingThe questionnaire was developed together with our local team members Robert Mangeni and Ruth Ziraba. Many inhabitants in the community are illiterate and could not answer the questionnaires themselves. Instead, we had to interview them. Only Ugandans participated during the interviews. The purpose of this was to avoid creating higher expectations and bias with a white person being present. A hard working team was gathered to conduct the interviews and register the data.

Before the interviews could be conducted we attended village meetings to inform the village members about the project and give them an opportunity to ask questions. People showed interest and were very positive and eager to participate.


This is the amazing team that conducted 290 interviews, in 12 villages, in 3 weeks.img_6199

Isma Baale, Mary Mubeezi, Kose Yayari, Robert Mangeni

 Hanna Nykvist, Ruth Ziraba. Not in picture: Scovia Nasya

The results will be ready after Christmas, but the immediate impression is that Nyenga Foundation offers important services to the community and that we are doing valuable work as an organization.