New rhythms at Nyenga

We have been without a dance group at Nyenga for a long time now. When dance student Thea and her grandmother, Hanna, wanted to come here to learn Ugandan dance we saw this as an opportunity to reestablish a dancegroup. Thanks to Thea’s stay, the new dance group meets for rehearsals every Saturday. Patrick, who is responsible for Nyenga’s farm during weekdays, manages the group.


Thea had a great stay and has summarized it as follows; Dancing with Patrick and his friends was amazing. He taught me so much! He was serious in the role of dance teacher and never met up late, something quite rare in Uganda. His dance group in the neighboring village was also very including. They are not used to white girls showing interest for or joining them in their dance. There would therefore be quite the commotion when we were rehearsing in the neighborhood. Everyone would gather around us, and found it very entertaining to observe the practice. Since I, as a white person, was part of the dance group we were also hired to entertain at a wedding. This has been an experience I will remember forever. Thank you so much!