Future hairdressers

At Nyenga we are currently developing a program helping youths into work. For different reasons many youths do not finish primary school. Common for them all is the lack of funding to finance further education. However, getting an education would not guarantee a future job. It is therefor common in Uganda to create your own job to provide for yourself and your family. Our idea is to give young people basic knowledge in general skills like planning, budgeting, accounting and customer service. Hopefully this will equip them with the skills to create their own job. In addition to this they need skills in their chosen field.

As of now, three girls are interns at a local hairdresser. The foundation remunerates the hairdresser for the training she provides. The girls have a full week in the salon, where they amongst others practice braiding on each other and dolls. Once a week, Robert, our social worker, follows up on their progress. He also collects a small amount of money they, according to the agreement, should save. Their savings will be used to establish their own business in due time.