New boost at the health center

Both joys and sorrows are encountered at Nyenga. The year of 2016 started with several births and a few, tragic deaths. Among our employees, two couples became parents this year; Cissy and Patrick had a daughter, while Esther and Fred got a son (picture). Steven, one of the teachers at New Horizon, also became a father. Last week three babies were born at Nyenga’s health center. One of them was delivered a month too early, weighing only 1,5 kg. Despite our new, skilled nurses’ guidance and counseling, the baby died. A mother lost her newborn child – a tragic loss no matter where in the world you are.

IMG_4042_Babyen til Fred og Esther

Our doctor, Bakia, quit her job at the health center around New Year. Justine, who’s been our nurse since we opened the health center, recently started in a new job at a public health center. Working at a public facility has many benefits in Uganda. The employees work less, but receive an equivalent salary compared to that of private health centers. In addition to this the public facilities have good pension plans. February 18th is Election Day in Uganda and even more benefits are promised.

The increase in patients visiting the health center at Nyenga made it necessary to employ two new nurses, Fina and Mary, in addition to a lab assistant, Scovia. Together with “midwife” Gerald they make a good team, with high spirits. They hope to increase the frequency of home visits and counseling at schools. Information and education is in focus. The undersigned has already been taught how to check for malaria in blood samples, interesting. We wish all our new employees the best of luck!

–  Anne Grete