Three years at New Horizon

The third school year at New Horizon Primary School has finished off. Throughout the last three years there has been a great development of the school, both concerning the buildings and the teaching done inside them. Constructing buildings is fair enough. Making the environment for learning good and stimulating for both pupils and teachers is more demanding. This takes time, but we see progress!

One of the school buildings

All of the 6 school buildings are now in place. The 2 buildings in the final building step are already in use. They contain 2 classrooms, 3 teachers’ residences and a large kitchen for the school cafeteria.

Establishing good and modern teaching methods has been our main focus since the opening of the school. This has been done in various ways, through workshops, counseling of the individual teacher, and new of this year: “co-teaching”. The latter has shown to be very beneficial. The teachers prepare a lesson together, implement this together and evaluate the lesson and each other afterwards.

The Learning Centre (LC) has been an invaluable resource and inspiration throughout this period. It was newly re-organized in October and is now complete. LC is a “gold mine”, which more and more teachers see the benefit in and take advantage of. They bring books, games and other teaching devices to class, making the pupils thrilled!

The Learning Centre

We have hired many new teachers this year. It is great to see the new teachers seeking information and help from “the older” teachers, who willingly share what they have learned. They also join in on each other’s classes when they have spare time. This way they observe the new methods and teaching devices in use.

It has been important for us to emphasize that the new teaching methods must be performed in the teachers’ own way. Their culture should also affect how they express these. They have to build their self-confidence in this development. This will take time, but we already see progress.

The teachers are eager and willing to learn. We have to encourage and support them so that they wish to stay for years to come. That way they can participate in making New Horizon a “leading star” and source of inspiration for other schools in the district. And most important so that our pupils learn what is in the curriculum, thrive and complete school!

– Inger Lien Røe, on behalf of the School group