Pottery time

Cooperation opens up for new possibilities.

We are constantly searching for possible partners and new ideas from other projects. Last year we came across a talented ceramist from Austria. Mama Carola works for Vision for Africa. She uses her experience to train new potters and artists.Clipboard04

The children at Nyenga are now in a break between two semesters at school. Mama Carola came to visit Nyenga Children’s Home one day during this break. She brought clay and the children were able to frolic, under expert supervision. Their products will be for sale during the Christmas marked in Bergen, December 12th – 13th. Other products from Mama Carola’s workshop will also be for sale.

The pictures here are of products from Mama Carola’s workshop. We are looking forward to see what the children have made!

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You can read more about Vision for Africa here. And Mama Carola’s ceramics workshop here. The pictures are from these sites.
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