Finally Internet-connected

Nyenga’s administration building has finally received a long sought after Internet connection. It has taken more a year of planning and trying and failing before finally having a sponsor and a link that works.

Arne og Patrick moterer antenne

Arne and Patrick installing the antenna

A constant Internet connection in Uganda is very expensive and of rather poor quality. We now pay close to 1500 NOK per month for a speed of 256 kbs, which can be compared to the Norwegian ISDN 15 years ago. This is still a big improvement for Ruth and the other employees in the administration. Their workday is more efficient and there is no longer need to travel to Internet cafés in Jinja for sending large documents or having meetings on Skype.

An antenna on the roof of the administration building connects us to Uganda Telecom’s mast several kilometers away.

Antennen som forbinder oss til omverdenen

The antenna connecting us to the rest of the world

Inventura is supporting the operation of the internet-link now established at Nyenga for a 2-year period. Arne Sivertsen, an Inventura employee, took part in installing the antenna and participated in the first Skype conversation from Nyenga.

Første skype samtale med Anne-Grete i Norge

The first Skype conversation, with Anne Grete in Norway