Fundraisers for Nyenga


Three of the schools supporting Nyenga have this spring arranged fundraisers to benefit the children’s home.

The Friday before the Easter holiday Skeie elementary arranged a café. The pupils made buns and cakes that were sold to the school’s employees and pupils. This must have been tasty! Three girls even started a day in advance selling buns at the local soccer field.

IMG_1459   IMG_4253

Fridalen and Sædalen elementary schools chose to have a week without traditional homework. Instead of homework the pupils were to do work to bring income to the children’s home. There were also pupils here who started in advance, choosing to do their “homework” during the weekend as well! The “employer” could choose the pupil’s salary. The creativity and effort was great. Pupils equipped with “ID-cars” sold buns, cakes, coffee and lemonade on nearly every sidewalk, block or outside grocery stores in the neighborhood. Maybe you saw some extra tidy gardens? Was the neighbor’s dog taken for a walk both in the morning and evening? The queue in front of the recycling station for empty bottles was extra long? Many parents were happy for an extra hand around the house that week. These are just a few of the things the pupils did during the week. There were many eager pupils with good ideas.



Thanks to all the pupils for making a great effort!

Thanks to all of you who bought buns, cakes or in other ways supported the pupils in their work!

We are ready for next spring.

Kind regards from one of the teachers.