New Horizon Primary School’s Learning Center

In addition to the regular classrooms, New Horizon Primary School, has a learning center. Both pupils and teachers use this room. Here they find tables and chairs, a library and a good selection of teaching material. The room invites to teaching in smaller or larger groups, staff meetings and more.

The Learning Center’s purpose is contributing to variation in the teaching offered at the school. This is to be a contrast to the “copy and repeat”- method that is common in Uganda. Most of the teachers find it unnatural to consider learning material when planning classes and activities. Workshops and follow up sessions held for the teachers at New Horizon have however resulted in them using relevant learning material in a larger degree. The children are this way given the opportunity to learn through different methods. This is a strong motivational factor and stimulates the pupils’ desire to learn new things.

A room like the Learning Center requires well-established routines. The different material each has its own place. The utilization of the room will also require routines. The Learning Center is to be a room for activity and teamwork!

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