Full fokus på jordbruk

There is continuously activity within the area of farming at Nyenga Children’s Home. Tomatoes, cabbage and onions were sowed a while ago. The resulting seedlings have now been planted out in the fields. During the dry season several of the seedlings were attacked by disease, this will affect the outcome during the harvest season. The three vegetables are popular in the children’s home’s kitchen. The tomatoes and onions are a component in the sauce for the beans. Cabbage creates variation in the daily poscho and bean- meal.

Around Christmas the children’s home started producing mushroom. Some of the mushroom was brought to Norway and served at a party held for Nyenga supporters in Bergen. Fifteen kilograms of mushroom was harvested in March. This was tasty in Uganda as well and the mushroom eaten up! 100 new plants have been planted in the end of April.

One of the children’s home’s sources of income is sale of egg. The hens have in average been laying four trays of eggs per day. Lately the egg-laying has been declining. Saul, who is responsible for the children’s home’s farming, including the egg production, will therefore have to find out how to increase the production again. Even though he is responsible for this, he cooperates with the other boys employed with in the farming department.


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