Pedagogical development at New Horizon

New Horizon Primary School is finishing its second year of operation in November.

During these years the teachers have been frequently trained and challenged by Norwegian teachers. The teaching staff at New Horizon has been a stabile group this school year. This is of importance for the pedagogical development and the learning outcome for the pupils.

Our vision for New Horizon is a school that includes all pupils  that can offer an inspiring learning environment. The children’s academic progress and not least their understanding is to result in a solid foundation for their future.

It is because of this that our teachers have been trained in alternative teaching methods, class leadership, motivation of the pupils, attitudes and perception of pupils, use of concretizing material and use of the local environment, such as outdoor schooling and farming.

An important task is to promote other ways of teaching than “repeat and copy”. This is a common way of teaching children in Uganda. It is understandable, as there are often 100 – 130 pupils in a classroom with only one teacher. New Horizon has a great advantage with no more than 30 pupils per class. This makes it possible to expand the educational repertoire. New Horizon’s teachers have therefore started practicing this. The children are happy and interested and both their motivation and concentration are on top.

Our teachers are knowledgeable. They are supported and encouraged to be able to trust in themselves, and be assured that the new methods promote learning. They frequently express willingness to learn and we have observed that they handle these teaching methods. This is promising!

Preparations are now being done for the coming school year, which in Uganda starts in the end of January. We are amongst others focusing on how to follow up the work that has been done with the teachers. We are considering Norwegian pedagogues being present, counseling of the Ugandan teachers, work in the classes, etc. Pedagogues interested in volunteering are more than welcome to contact us!

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