Renovation of the fish ponds

Nyenga’s fish farming requires ongoing follow-up, maintenance, daily feeding and protection from birds and predators. Cissy is responsible for this. She takes care of the three ponds with Tilapia and Catfish.

Every month Cissy controls the fish’s weight and development. The men working for Nyenga’s farmer usually helps her with this. They join her out in the ponds and gather the fish with a net, before the fish are weighed and an average weight is calculated.

The farmers are otherwise occupied with their own tasks out in the fields. Therefore, if Cissy is in need of additional manpower she hires in prisoners from a local prison. These prisoners are harmless, serving sentences for e.g. speed driving. They have behaved well in the correctional facility and receive the opportunity to work outside the walls for a couple of days. Moneys earned for the work is paid out to the prison, where it is spent on common benefits.

Cissy had hired such prisoners when she was to renovate the ponds. Unfortunately, they did not show up! Cissy could not do the work alone. It was at this point that the caretakers, the health center’s cleaner and one of the sponsored youths stepped in! They took up the tools and within 3 days the job was done. They had done exceptional work.

Commitment like this pleases Nyenga Children’s Home’s general manager. She wants to focus on cooperation between the different areas of operation within the organization and work place. This is a quality Nyenga Children’s Home can take advantage of!

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