Robert and Justine in Norway

In the middle of August Nyenga’s social worker and nurse headed for Norway. For them this would most likely be the journey of a lifetime. Neither of them had previously travelled by plane. Now they were bound for Norway and Bergen!

The two employees had not been granted an extra week of vacation. Robert and Justine were on a business trip. They had come for ten days of impressions, fruitful discussions and exchange of thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Nyenga was to be in focus throughout the week.

The board members of the Nyenga foundation and several contributors have visited Nyenga. With a western background it is easy to have a western approach when dealing with different cases. A logical thought for a Norwegian is not necessarily logical for a Ugandan. Creating a somewhat common frame of reference could be a resource for the development and operation of Nyenga. This was one of the reasons for Justine and Robert’s trip to Bergen. They were to learn about our culture and see how many people who are involved in and work with Nyenga here in Norway. Hopefully they would also see that their work in Uganda is appreciated. Maybe this experience would help them have a greater understanding for why we think as we do?

It turned out to be an eventful week. The program was characterized by professional relevance for the nurse and social worker, but also focused on Nyenga as an organization. The week started with a summer party with friends of Nyenga. During the week there were visits to Haukeland University Hospital, NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), a health station and the child welfare services, to mention some. The week was rounded off with a strategy meeting – to perceive the visit and Nyenga as an organization in a larger perspective.

Nyenga’s health center offers amongst others prenatal and midwife services. Justine therefore had a strong wish to visit the Women’s clinic at Haukeland University Hospital. The Ugandan guests were well received. It made a big impression, especially on Justine, to see all the resources such an institution in Norway possesses. But together with the employees at the women’s clinic she concluded that it was the same principals that made the foundation of their joint work.

After ten days in Norway Robert and Justine headed back to Nyenga loaded with impressions! They themselves said that some of the fascinating things about Norway were the bright evenings and the way Bergen city was structured and organized. Robert could not believe that it was 10 p.m. when it was bright enough to be 6 p.m. in Uganda.

The two had seen different perspectives of Norway. They were now going home to their families, friends and everyday lives. Hopefully they left with new ideas and enthusiasm, but also gratitude for what their lives in Uganda hold.

Read about the time when Ruth and Florence visited Norway. This is mentioned in Newsletter – September 2013.

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