Our statutes

Foundation document – Foundation: NYENGA

The Nyenga Foundation establishes today that the signatures below contribute a base capital of 100.000 NOK to the foundations disposition. The foundation’s goals are included in § 2.


§ 1. Foundations name and origins.

  • NYENGA, is an independent foundation established 19.03.09 in accordance with the laws of foundations of 15th of June 2001.
  • The foundation was established when the board of Bring Children From Streets, Norway, made the decision to divide the work into two foundations.
  • The NYENGA Foundation will continue the work to establish and operate a childrens village (orphanage) at Nyenga, Uganda.
  • The Foundation is based in Bergen, Norway.
  • The founders are Per Kristian Erdal, Anne-Mette Tjønn Hansen, Anne Grete Kjørrefjord, Tor Helland Kleppe and Kathryn Bousman.

§ 2. Goals

The goal of the NYENGA Foundation is:

  • Establish and operate the childrens village in Uganda based on local resources and sustainable development
  • Through care and knowledge, work towards the goal that the children can create a future for themselves and for coming generations.
  • Collaboration with the local community shall stimulate local development.
  • Help to stimulate involvement and understanding in the meeting between different cultures.

§ 3. Work

The foundation finances it projects in the following ways:

  • collections from different activities, arrangements, etc.
  • sale of products used to pay for work
  • sponsors
  • economic support from private donors, sport teams, organizations, enterprises and endowments
  • public and private project funds

The foundation strives for contact with resource persons who can utilize their competencies and involvement in Norway or Uganda in order to attain the foundations’ goals.

The work completed for the foundation is ideally pro-bono, without any form for economic compensation. Expenses incurred during the completion of work for the foundation can be compensated.

§ 4. Organization

The head of the foundations is the board of directors.

The board of directors comprises of 5-7 members. Upon constitution of the foundation, the board chose a director, treasurer and secretary. The establishers of the foundation have the rights to participate and speak at the meetings.

The board of directors are recruited by the boards members and are chosen for a term of 2 years.

§ 5. The board of director’s function and duties

The board of directors are responsible for carrying out the goals by:

– developing plans and strategies for meeting desired current goals,

– initiation of these plans,

– responsibly administrating the foundations base capital.

The board of directors also has the responsibility that the foundation fulfills the requirements and the laws of foundations.

The board of director’s quorum requires a minimum of 3 members present. The quorum requires a common majority. Upon an even vote, the leader of the meeting has the deciding vote.

The board of directors holds meetings a minimum of 4 times a year and meeting minutes are taken.

§ 6. Base Capital

The foundations base capital as of 19.03.09 NOK 100.000,-

§ 7. Obligations of the foundation

The board of director’s director and members draft collectively for the board.

§ 8. Statute modifications

The board of directors can vote to change the statutes of the foundation. Changes in the statute require a 2/3rd majority of board members present for 2 consecutive board of directors meetings.

§ 9. Termination of the foundation

The foundation can be terminated only from the vote of the board of director. This vote would require a 2/3rd majority. In the event of termination of the foundation, the capital is to be used to serve the best interests for the children in the institution in Uganda.

Bergen 19.03.09S