Our vision

Nyenga – a centre for knowledge and development

In Uganda, there is a great lack of knowledge, vulnerable communities and many orphaned children. Nyenga Foundation was established by people who originally came to Uganda for various reasons. We were all caught by the visible distress, but at the same time we became enthusiastic about the fact that with small resources it is possible to help many.

The Foundation’s work is based on voluntary efforts. Everyone can contribute – in some shape or form. The first children came to Nyenga Children´s Home in 2010 and, according to the wishes of the local population, several new businesses, micro-finance schemes, health centre and school has been established. Many are provided with better opportunities for a better life, while overall health is improved and lives are saved at the health centre.

Nyenga is established as a foundation in Norway and in Uganda – Nyenga Children´s Home. It’s a miniature society. Our goal is to promote sustainable growth through strengthening individuals, families and communities

The foundation has four bearing goals:

• Very vulnerable children will be given a new home at Nyenga Children´s home.
• Through education and professional experience, the children should one day stand on their own feet and create a future for themselves – and future generations.
• Nyenga Children´s home is built and operated in cooperation with the local community, to contribute to local development, and the creation of new jobs in the local community.
• Nyenga Foundation, in collaboration with Nyenga Children´s home, will show positive aspects of Africa, create engagement and contribute to cultural understanding between Uganda and Norway.

In Uganda, family means something a little more than in Norway. At home, we often only consider the inner circle when talking about family, while in Uganda, the family also includes close people without family ties. In Nyenga we want to create such a big family. Therefore, we include the community in our work.

We who are in the foundation find this project so important and rewarding that we would like to use our own resources and spare time to drive it forward. We experience it as meaningful to work for Nyenga, and it feels good to be part of the “big family”.

Nyenga Foundation has the doors open to anyone who wants to be part of the project. Anyone who wants to contribute can join.

Small or big contribution – everything helps and the need is great. Of course, we need money for construction and operation – houses, beds, bed linen, water pump, school supplies, agricultural tools etc. But we also need help from people who want to contribute experience and knowledge. If you have questions or would you like to contribute, please feel free to contact one of us on the Nyenga board.