Member of Innsamlingskontrollen

The Nyenga Foundation is a member of Innsamlingskontrollen (“Collection Control”). There are no legal provisions in Norway that directly regulate how a fundraiser¬† takes place. The Innsamlingskontrollen provides assurance that the fundraising activities are conducted properly and that the money goes to the stated purpose.

Approved organizations
Relevant information on financial and administrative matters has been published under approved organizations (formerly the Collection Register). In addition to the annual report, accounts, the board’s report and information about the board, key figures are presented which give a good picture of the operation of the organization. This is part of the control that is being carried out. Openness is a requirement and contributes to increased security for donors.

Approved organizations undertake to submit to external control and follow specific accounting rules and ethical guidelines for collection. Each year, the Collection Control reviews the organizations’ accounts, annual reports and audit reports. In some cases, we also conduct an extended review of approved organizations’ accounts and projects.

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