Everybody does not have indoor plumbing with running water in Uganda. At Nyenga Children’s Home collecting rainwater from the roof and pumping water from a nearby well solves this.

The children’s home’s roofs leading rain down through gutters collect the rainwater. The gutters lead the water through pipes that proceed to a tank behind the common house at the children’s home. This is where the water is stored. The tank also has a tap. It is therefore possible to tap water directly from the tank.

Groundwater is pumped up from a well close to New Horizon Primary School. A water pipe is installed between the well and a tank behind the girls’ house. This tank is elevated above the ground and will therefore give pressure in the tap when it is filled with water. An electric pump has also been installed into the well and will supply water to the pipe. The pump receives power from a sun cell panel on the roof of the guesthouse. The electrical cable is dug down together with the water pipe.

It is also possible to collect water manually from the well. The water then has to be carried back to the children’s home. This is often done by carrying the water in jerry cans on the head! The need to collect and carry water has been reduced drastically after installing the water pipe from the well. Prior to this carrying water was a daily activity, especially during the dry season when the water tank would become empty.

The water has previously been tested and shown to be clean enough to drink. Even so, all the water is boiled before drinking. This is done to be on the safe side and avoid illness.

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