Nyenga runs its own primary school, New Horizon School. The school opened in 2013 with 1st to 4th grade. For every new school year a new grade will be added. This way it will become like every other primary school with 1st to 7th grade.

A common problem in Ugandan schools is crowded classrooms. In a normal public school there might be 100 pupils in each class. This affects the teaching. It is therefore decided that the classes at New Horizon School will only hold around 30 pupils. The teacher will then have the possibility to follow up pupils and conduct teaching of a better quality.

A lot of the teaching done at Ugandan schools consists of repeating what the teacher says. This is in contrast to what Norwegian pupils learn about being creative and thinking independently. New Horizon School is a Ugandan school with a Ugandan curriculum, but it wishes that the pupils learn this in a more pedagogical way. Methods used by Norwegian school are taught to the Ugandan teachers. They then integrate these methods in their own teaching.

The pupils at New Horizon School are to learn the theoretical knowledge that is expected during the years in primary school. Meanwhile it is also focused on developing skills and knowledge relevant to a life in the Ugandan village. This includes e.g. learning about growing vegetables and keeping livestock.

In most Ugandan schools meals are served during the course of the day. At ten o’clock there is a break where porridge is served. Poscho and beans are on the menu for lunch, which is for the older pupils who have classes after lunch. The school’s own cook prepares the meals.

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