Health center

The health center at Nyenga, Kabizzi Community Health Centre, offers its services to the children at the orphanage and the organizational employees. The services are also offered to the inhabitants of nearby villages. Already when planning the health center, Nyenga collaborated with the village of Kabizzi. Inhabitants provided ideas and building material, such as bricks. Those who contributed received a reduction in price when visiting the health center during it first years of operation.

The health center offers mainly out patient services. Malaria, respiratory infections and infected wounds are the most common problems the patients arrive with. The employees also have the possibility to admit one or two patients if intravenous treatment or additional follow up is necessary.

Immunization and health related sensitization are other important aspects of the health center’s work. Immunization takes place weekly, as a part of the authority’s immunization program. To be able to inform people about topics such as hygiene, nutrition and prevention the employees visit villages in the area. Sometimes these meetings will also take place at the health center.

Many of the deliveries in Uganda take place at home. Without access to qualified health personnel, drugs and equipment this involves a great risk for both mother and child. The health center at Nyenga therefore offers prenatal care and midwifery services. Through the prenatal care the employees hope to come in contact with prospective mothers and influence them in choosing to deliver at a proper facility.

The Nyenga health center has skilled employees who take time and pay attention to each patient. It also has the most common drugs available. The patients therefore don’t have to travel elsewhere to get the medication they need. These are two of the reasons why the health center has earned its good reputation!

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