Fish farming

For the children’s home to become self-sufficient concerning food and income is one of the goals of Nyenga. There is a lack of fish in Uganda due to over fishing in rivers and lakes. The fish available is therefore expensive. Fish farming has become quite normal in Uganda as a result of this. Many farmers have this as an additional source of income. The fish bred at Nyenga is Tilapia. Tilapia belongs in Lake Victoria and the Nile. Its nickname is the Jesus-fish, as it was with this fish Jesus fed 5000 people. Now the goal is to feed just as many at Nyenga.

Land ponds are being dug, as there is neither a lake nor a river on Nyenga’s property. This is where the fish will be bred. The number ponds there eventually will be is dependent on the amount of water available. In 2012 there were 3 ponds in use and a water reservoir under development. The fish is fed with dry feed several times a day and is weighed frequently. When sample weights are being taken the fish is collected with a fish net. This is exciting! Everybody is eager to see how big the fish has grown and maybe there will be some for dinner. Fish is a popular meal for everybody at Nyenga Children’s Home. The first fishmeal was served in February 2012.

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