One of the goals at Nyenga Children’s Home’s is to be self-sufficient with food. This is achieved through farming.

A variety of fruits and vegetables used in the daily cooking are grown. This includes onions, tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, avocadoes, cassava and yam. There are also trees on the plot that give large, sweet fruit with a yellow pulp. This fruit is called Jackfruit and is very popular among the children. Banana palms, pineapple plants, passion fruit plants, coffee trees, mango trees and sugar canes have also been planted. The crops that are not utilized at the children’s home are tried sold. This way the farming can eventually become a source of income.

There are also goats and chickens at Nyenga. The chickens have an own fenced in area and a chicken house. With a couple of cocks and several hens new chickens are received every now and then. If meat is requested for dinner a cock or hen can be slaughtered. All the meat that can possibly be used is then prepared in different meals.

The goats have their own goat house below the children’s home. During the day they are out grazing. The goats produce even more goats, the meat can be eaten and the skins can also be used. The Ugandans do not drink goat’s milk however. They believe this will make you stubborn!

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