Nyenga Children’s Home with the health center, employee residence, guesthouse and New Horizon School are located in the village of Kabizzi. Here there is no supply of electricity through neither overhead lines nor cable.

Electricity is essential for the health center when it comes to storing medicine and vaccines. It is also necessary for running laboratory tests with the microscope.

When the sun sets at Nyenga at 7 p.m. it gets pitch dark. Electricity then makes it possible to get light from a light bulb.

Electricity is also required to communicate electronically. This makes it possible for the employees and children to have contact with others. To communicate electronically is also needed in the collaboration between the employees and the foundation in Norway.

Electricity for these purposes is provided through solar panels and batteries. This supply usually meets the current demands. In case the possibility of charging fails there is a petrol driven generator that can replace the batteries.

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