The community work makes a difference!

As a part of the community work Robert gives loans to families located in Kabizzi and neighboring villages. Before they receive the loan Robert assesses their ability to manage it, and whether their plans are realistic. For the families to succeed with their loan he also spends time in counseling them how to utilize it. Last month he was therefore around to 10 of 17 of the families who have received loans. He can see a progress in the families’ business and also their welfare.

Robert has also, together with an intern, mobilized the community members to maintain the roads in the area. This is now done once a month. They have also encouraged and helped the community members to construct sanitary facilities like drying racks, bathing shelters and maintaining household cleanliness in the Kabizzi village. These are important measures in achieving better hygiene and hence avoiding diseases.

At Nyenga Children’s Home the children are now having their holidays. Most of them have however received homework to do during their time off. After doing the chores of the day, like washing clothes, doing the dishes, fetching water and weeding in the garden, there is still time to play some soccer before dinner. Most of the children then go to the village’s soccer field, where they also meet children from the village. Soccer is just as much fun in Uganda as it is in Norway!


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