Collaborating with the Varkey Foundation

Improving the learning methods at New Horizon Primary School is a continuous area of focus. Parallel to this we are focusing on general school development.

Nyenga is collaborating with the Varkey Foundation in connection to the general school development. The Varkey Foundation is an organization that wishes to improve the standards of education in schools, amongst others in Africa. Their goals and methods correspond greatly to those of Nyenga’s School group.

The Varkey Foundation mapped New Horizon’s standard of education last autumn. These days they are starting their close supervision of the school and its teachers, 1 week per month.

Improving the pupil’s English skills is one of the areas that will be focused on. This is to be achieved by using the language as much as possible when at school, arranging debates and encouraging the pupils to write and tell stories in English. In addition to this we will focus on including the parents to a larger degree, for example by arranging open days at the school. How the teachers predispose their workdays will also be improved. Absence is to be avoided and substitutes should be used when necessary. Every class is to have a defined goal. The lessons are planned in advance and the tools used in teaching are obtained before the class starts.

In addition to the Varkey Foundation’s involvement with New Horizon, they will also have an educational program of smaller scale for nine schools in the area. We therefore hope to experience that more pupils get better and more varied teaching.

This will be an exciting year!

You can read more about the Varkey Foundation at their webpage.