News from Nyenga’s kindergarten

This spring Nyenga’s kindergarten has experienced great change. The goal has been to make the kindergarten activities less school-ish and focus more on play. Its motto is now “Learning by playing”.

IMG_2859 IMG_2890

The kindergarten teachers, Ruth and Esther, have been open to the new activities and different ways of organizing their day. A lot of humor and many fruitful conversations have strengthened this collaboration.


All the children are now divided into groups – red, blue, green and yellow. They sit in permanent seats according to the color-coding. This gives the teachers a better overview and the children can follow the relevant topic.


The outdoor area is also being used more for pedagogical and playful activities. Hopscotches and “tic tac toe”s are painted on the ground. The children enjoy this!

It has been a pleasure contributing to this positive change in the kindergarten.


Inger Lien Røe

June 2016