Live in Peace Company is established!

Sitting on the patio watching the sun go down is the perfect setting for a good conversation. One evening in the beginning of June, most of the children were sitting together with Florence (“mother” and leader of the children’s home unit). The children were showing us bracelets in bright colors they had made from fishing nets, using braiding techniques. The bracelets were beautiful and the children were eager and proud of what they had made. One idea led to another and suddenly a small enterprise was established among the children. Florence is General Manager and the company name was suggested while we were sitting there on the patio: Live in Peace Company. Visitors and myself will buy the products made. These will, like many other things, be for sale in Norway as a source of income for Nyenga. The children’s goal is to earn enough money from their company so that they can visit the zoo in Entebbe.

The company was officially established a couple of days later. We had prepared cakes, banners, balloons and invited guests for the grand opening. The products were presented and admired. The first sales occurred, and the customers received a receipt with the company’s own stamp. This is serious business! Anne Grete also showed up this day. Her birthday was a couple of days later. Live in Peace Company therefore became a birthday gift for her – an initiative in her spirit!

May the company flourish! The bracelets are now for sale. I brought 92 of them home with me this time. If the busy workers keep up the speed of production there will be enough for everyone!

Wishing you all a good summer,


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