Health camps

Nyenga’s health center receives around 200 outpatients per month. The patient turn-up depends on several factors; the two seasons amongst others. During the rainy season people are busy sowing and mending their fields. The work they conduct determines their harvest, either for own consumption or for sales. A visit to the health center may for some not be prioritized during this time.

Corn is grown by most households

The employees at the health center are conducting a health camp in the end of September. It will be held in Ssunga, one of Nyenga’s neighboring villages. This is one of the ways the center runs its health information work. Traditional remedies and lack of knowledge regarding health is common in the villages surrounding Nyenga. More knowledge provides people with an opportunity to achieve better health and a stronger body that endures the tough physical work in the fields. Health education is therefore an important part in the center’s work!

P1050654Health information gathering for women in a neighboring village 

The previous health camp was held this spring. The outpatient number has since then increased. The employees register that most of the cases are new attendants and our coverage area is widening. More people are familiar with the work we do and take advantage of our services.

Women who have brought their children to the health center for immunization