Change in management and change name

Nyenga has a new leader and “new name”.

In our daily life, we refer to our center in Uganda as Nyenga. The formal name has been Nyenga Children’s Home. It has now been modified and approved by the authorities to be NYENGA FOUNDATION. The reason for the change is to better accommodate the full range of activities and development work that is taking place.

Nyenga Foundation has appointed a new leader. Her name is Rebecca Lucy Namayanja, calling herself Lucy. Her title is CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The change in title indicates that we will increase the connection with partners in Uganda and find local funding partners. In the long term, we aim for Nyenga to be able to be independent from the financial support from Norway. Lucy will have the daily responsibilities of the already established work. We welcome her warmly and we do look forward to working with her.

We thank our former GM (General Manager) Ruth Ziraba for the fantastic work she has done the past eight years! Ruth is “mama Nyenga” and we are confident that we would not have achieved what is done without her and her tremendous efforts. Employees and people from the village expressed the gratitude towards Ruth at her farewell party. Ruth was honored with great speeches, gifts, singing and dancing, and some tears… We hope Ruth chooses to continue to support Nyenga also in the times ahead.