Supporting member

As a sponsor for a child or support member for Nyenga Children’s Home you will contribute to give the most vulnerable children in Uganda education, food, health services and a safer childhood. To know that someone cares means a lot to each and every child! Your contribution:

  • As a sponsor for a child you pay 250 NOK, or as much as you wish, per month. Every child has several sponsors. This makes the work less vulnerable if some of the sponsors wish to withdraw their sponsorship. This also covers the operating expenses in greater extent.
  • As a support member you are not linked to a specific child, but can chose to give a monthly amount or contribute economically when you wish.
  • You help children who have had a rough start in life by offering them proper nutrition, education, health services and a safer life.
  • If you wish to give something special to your sponsored child or a greeting to the children’s home, you can send letters and pictures by mail or e-mail to members of the board of the Nyenga foundation. As the postal services in Uganda can be unstable, the letters and pictures will be sent with people visiting Nyenga.

What you get:

  • You get to follow the work being done at Nyenga Children’s Home and in the local community at Nyenga. You get to see how your contribution is important in improving the conditions for poor families in Uganda.
  • Sponsors of a child will be linked to this child, while a support member will be supporting the work at Nyenga in general.
  • We try to organize so that the sponsors receive a greeting from their sponsored child twice a year.
  • Every contributor receives 3-4 newsletters with the latest news. In addition to this the work at Nyenga can be followed on Facebook and our home page.

Account number for sponsors and support members: 8580.12.18089. You find more account information here. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or support member, please contact; Anne-Mette Tjønn Hansen tlf. 977 61 446, email: or Anne Grete Kjørrefjord tlf. 909 37 599, email:

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