New project at the health center

Nyenga's health center

Nyenga’s health center

Nyenga’s health center is the closest health service to many of the neighboring villages. Even so, there can be things preventing patients from using the center when they get sick. Some have to work in their fields before they are able to leave. Others don’t want to sacrifice a day’s work in the field, as the crops it produces will feed their family. It can be more difficult to get to the health center if it’s raining; fewer people are out driving then. And the lack of transport may be a problem. Some just can’t afford the additional cost of getting to the health center.


Working in the sweet potato field

Neighboring village

Neighboring village

The village health representatives in Ssunga, a neighboring village to Nyenga, have expressed that many patients don’t seek the health center due to lack of transport. The health center is therefore trying out a new project; patients in Ssunga get picked up by buss, brought to the health center and taken back. This will be tried out for 3 months and then evaluated to see if it will be continued. It will be exciting to see if the inhabitants of Ssunga take advantage of this offer!