Ruth Ziraba
Ruth is the general manager of Nyenga Children’s Home. She takes care of the official running of the children’s home. Even though Ruth works from her office, she will often help the other employees with their tasks if this is needed. She is also good with children. Before starting her work at Nyenga Children’s Home Ruth worked with women’s groups. When first employed at the children’s home it was in a position as a community work coordinator. Her excellent qualities in communication and cooperation with the other employees made it natural to promote her as general manager.

Florence Yiga
Florence is caretaker for the girls. This means that she is like a mother to them. Florence lives at the children’s home and is therefore available for the children 24/7. She gets them up in the morning, washes clothes, looks after the vegetables in the fields, and keeps it clean and tidy at the children’s home. In addition to this she is also an excellent cook. Florence is an important person in the upbringing of the children. She is a resourceful woman who makes sure things are done.


Sarah Nansubuga
Sarah is caretaker for the boys. Her tasks in relation to the boys are therefore similar to those Florence has towards the girls. Sarah also lives at the children’s home. Even though Florence and Sarah are caretakers in two different houses they cooperate in the daily activities at the home.
Sarah Muwumba
Sarah is a substitute caretaker. Both Sarah and Florence are entitled time off in between. Sarah will then substitute for the one who has taken time off. Sarah can therefore be caretaker for the girls during a period, then caretaker for the boys during another period.

Patrick Okello
Patrick is Nyenga Children’s Home’s maintenance manager and handy man. He knows a little bit about a lot of different things and is practically oriented. This is useful when Nyenga is far out in the countryside and it is a long way to e.g. plumber and carpenter. Patrick’s tasks are not only related to the children’s home, but also to the health center and school.

Cissy Namugenyi
Cissy is responsible for the fish farming. She has an education in this field. Cissy also participates in the every day life at the children’s home, something involving work in the fields, housework or helping in the kindergarten. Cissy is good at looking after the fish, but works just as well as the boys when the soil in the fields has to be hoed! Since she spends a lot of time at the children’s home Cissy has good contact with the children.

Samuel Buyinza
Samuel, or Sam as he is called, is the children’s home’s cook. Father Gottfred, at the catholic church of Nyenga, is the one who has taught Sam how to cook. Sam prepares all the food at the children’s home. He keeps track of the food that is bought in and what is used for cooking. Normally he serves poscho and beans, which is a regular dish in Uganda, but has started using different spices to put taste to the food. Sam does not live at the children’s home, but bikes to and from work every day. He is like an uncle for the children.

Robert Mangeni
Robert is a social worker responsible for the community work and measures done in the village. His tasks also include monitoring the relatives of the children at the children’s home. In addition to this Robert monitors the families who have requested for their children to be brought in by the children’s home, but have been denied this. Robert is working with measures that can improve the general living conditions in the area. As a part of this work he is visiting different groups every day to give advice and counseling.

Gerald Lubega
Gerald is a nurse, working at the health center. He cooperates with Fina, Mary and Scovia.

Fina (Josephine)
Nurse at the health center.

Nurse at the health center.

Lab assistant at the health center.

John Bogere
John is a night watch. He shares this position with Patrick Isabirye. As a night watch John is awake all night and guards the children’s home and the property. This is to avoid vandalism and theft. There was once an incident where a thief tried to steal the children’s home’s goats. The thief fortunately failed thanks to the night watch.

Patrick Isabirye
Patrick is also a night watch. He works when John does not. They always have their shifts alone, but get periods off from work where they can recover from staying awake all night.

David Kikoba
David is responsible for the farming at Nyenga Children’s Home. He coordinates what is to be planted at what time and is also responsible for the goats and chickens at the home. David’s work depends on when the rainy season starts as he cannot start planting during the dry season. He also has to consider what fruits and vegetables the children’s home needs. David has several day workers who help him in his work.

Baigulanira Grace
Grace is New Horizon Primary School’s headmistress. Her work includes teaching, office work and supervising the pupils in the schoolyard.

Naigaga Tabisa
Tabisa is P1’s contact teacher. She is also Head of infants, which means she is the in charge of the youngest pupils.

Elonda Martha
Martha is P2’s contact teacher. She is also head of SST, the subject of social studies.

Kisakye Mary
Mary is P3’s contact teacher. She also teaches in the other grades.

Obbo Daniel
Daniel is P4’s contact teacher. He is also head of math and Senior man teacher. As senior man teacher he is responsible for the boys at the school. Time can be reserved for him to talk to the boys as a group and teach them about useful topics, e.g. hygiene. As there are only boys present they can discuss topics that could appear awkward with girls present.

Nanyonjo Josephine
Josephine is P5’s contact teacher and head of English.

Kiwanuka Betty
Betty is head of music and Senior woman teacher. As senior woman teacher she has a similar role towards the girls at the school as Daniel has towards the boys. She will gather the girls, answer questions they might have and discuss relevant topics for girls who grow up in Uganda. Daniel and Betty are planning to have these gatherings every month.

Tusiime Shaddy Grace
Grace works as a teacher at New Horizon Primary School.

Ruth works in the kindergarten. She is trained as a kindergarten teacher and did her internship at the Nyenga Children’s Home kindergarten. She has now a full time employment.

Nansubuga Jane
Jen is the cook at New Horizon Primary School. She is always in a good mood and has a wonderful ability to feed 130 pupils for breakfast and around 80 pupils for lunch, only with the help of her little kitchen-shack.

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